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NCSA Certifications

Certified Customer Service Professional | Direct Contact Service Professional
Accessible to customer service professionals anywhere in the world!

The NCSA is pleased to offer the only certification programs for all levels of customer service professionals that are registered as trademarks by the federal government.

Earning a Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP®) or Direct Contact Service Professional (DCSP®) designation is the ideal way to demonstrate to organizations, colleagues and customers everywhere that you are committed to the pursuit of excellence in service for every customer—internal and external—with every interaction.

The certification process is convenient and accessible worldwide. Applicants study for the online exam at their own pace by reading Managing Service Excellence by C. William Crutcher, and register to take the exam through this website at any time. Learn more about the NCSA certifications offered below.

CCSP® Certification
CCSP Certification - learn more
Certified Customer Service Professional
For management-level professionals with at least two years of experience in the field of customer service
CCSP® Life-Certification
CCSP Life-Certification - learn more
Life-Certified Customer Service Professional
For CCSPs who have maintained their certification for two years and wish to renew their designation
Certification Study Guide
NCSA Certification Study Guide Book - buy today
Managing Service Excellence
Managing Service Excellence, by C. William Crutcher, serves as the study guide for the CCSP and DCSP examinations


DCSP® Certification
DCSP Certification - learn more
Direct Contact Service Professional
For direct contact employees with at least one year of experience in the field of customer service
DCSP® Life-Certification
DCSP Life-Certification - learn more
Life-Certified Direct Contact Service Professional
For DCSPs who have maintained their certification for two years and wish to renew their designation
Train the Trainer Certification Program
DCSP and CCSP Trainer Certification Program
For workforce development teams and any organizations with upskilling training programs

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