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NCSA DCSP® Spotlight

NCSA highlights Direct Contact Service Professionals

Circles Sodexo

Jessica Berkman, DCSP
"While completing the course for Direct Contact Service Professional (DCSP®) certification, I have learned key points and strategies to help me maintain positive customer service skills. I was able to broaden my knowledge when it comes to assisting different customer types, including personalities, various situations, and what is above my authority to do. At Circles, our mission is to improve the quality of life for the people we serve while enhancing our clients' performance. I believe having completed this certification is going to help me excel in my position with Circles. It has opened my insight to even more ways to assist customers and always remembering they are essentially why we are all here. I hope it will help boost my future chances of moving forward with the company and exploring more positions I could be of excellent service in.

"Thank you for the opportunity to complete this course. I am grateful for the knowledge I am taking away as well as my certification and spiffy lapel pin."