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NCSA DCSP® Spotlight

NCSA highlights Direct Contact Service Professionals

Shannon Dunn-Boyer, DCSP
"Thank you to NCSA COO Wes Tindal for presenting how beneficial the DCSP certification is to employers! The knowledge, examples and experiences he shared nestled things together, and the way he encouraged everyone to participate and absorb the lesson made our time with him memorable. I understand the importance of lifting each other up, and that is a trait he demonstrated to the class. He really got us thinking, reconsidering and realizing that things aren’t always how they seem…

“Earning the DCSP certification adds a sense of pride to my portfolio and I'm proud of that! It was good to learn from Wes and good to implement what he taught!

"Great Customer Service Matters (this will always be true)!"
Past DCSP Spotlights
Circles SodexoJessica Berkman, DCSP

"I chose to get this certificate because I simply didn’t know much about customer service. The CCSP certification process offered me the tools I needed. I learned new approaches to handling difficult customers and how to identify the dos and don'ts of customer service. The test was easy after reviewing the study guide. Had I not studied the book, I would’ve surely failed, and I am pleased to have acquired this certificate in the end. This will help me to understand the actions I take as I begin to take the steps necessary to have my own business."