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Winning Telephone Skills - Telephone Customer Service Training

“Once you hear what the customer is feeling, you are ready to effectively serve.”
- C.W. Crutcher


The biggest challenge with doing business over the phone is that you cannot see the other person. And when we communicate orally with people, body language constitutes over 50% of the actual communication. So getting clear, accurate information is especially challenging.

Fortunately, there are very effective steps we can take to minimize the impact of these missing non-verbals. Our one-day, highly interactive workshop goes to the heart of developing the essential telephone skills necessary for you to communicate clearly to deal effectively with customers day after day.

In this program, participants gain insights and understanding to enable professional, respectful and positive telephone communications:

  • Identify what Excellence in Customer Service meanspersonally and organizationally
  • Understand how attitude impacts our ability to be of service
  • Discover how and why it is critical to stay in control of the conversation
  • Learn the essential skills necessary to be an active and effective listener
  • Identify words and phrases that contribute to successful communication
  • Discuss how speaking rate, volume and intonation impact our ability to be understood
  • Learn effective service recovery strategieshow and when to use them
  • Participate in workshop simulations to gain valuable personalized feedback


Intended Audience
    • Front-line service personnel 
    • Call center staff 
    • Support staff

This course is ideal for:
    • Direct customer contact employees
    • Call Centers, Retail Outlets, Restaurants, Professional Services, Hotels/Motels, Fitness Centers

All participants who complete this course receive:
    • Certificate of Completion—suitable for framing


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