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 Business Ethics

Quite frequently employees at many levels within the organization are faced with ethical choices. The course of action isn’t always clear and can have a devastating outcome for both the employee and the organization. In this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the true nature of contemporary ethics.
  • Clarify “unethical” vs. “illegal” behavior.
  • Understand what they should in do in challenging situations .
  • Clarify expectations of employee behaviors.
  • Give employees a reason to insist on more appropriate conduct.
  • Identify and discuss common ethical dilemmas.
  • Discuss why and how to report suspected unethical behavior.
  • Commit to adherence to a Business Code of Ethics.

 Harassment Education

Principles and Prevention (Compliance Course)
It is every organization’s responsibility to actively work to reduce their exposure to Sexual Harassment incidents through aggressive education for all employees in every size organization. This essential course focuses on gaining knowledge and heightening awareness on ways to prevent Sexual Harassment specifically and harassment in general. The creation of a more positive, productive work environment depends on workers feeling comfortable in their surroundings. Sexual Harassment is a huge problem in today’s workforce, with organizational leadership oftentimes unaware of this very serious problem. While it can be a sensitive topic, not addressing it forthrightly and proactively opens the door to not only potentially expensive legal implications but an unmotivated workforce—both of which impact your bottom line. Sexual Harassment can and does impact each and every employee in the organization. It takes but a seemingly harmless statement, stare or gesture and the company can find itself involved in lengthy and very costly litigation. In this course participants will:

  • Gain a general understanding including Federal and State Laws regarding Sexual Harassment and the often severe consequences of not following those Laws.
  • Learn how and why Sexual Harassment impacts an organization.
  • Learn facts / statistics on Sexual Harassment—why it occurs; who it affects.
  • Learn how to identify whether an incident of Sexual Harassment has occurred—you may be very surprised.
  • Recognize victims of Sexual Harassment, including oneself, and how to handle these serious situations.
  • Learn methods for preventing Sexual Harassment and how to respond if it happens to you.
  • Apply all information to other protected classes / characteristics.

 Workplace Violence

Identification and Prevention of Workplace Violence
An increased understanding of the potential for workplace violence, how to identify and “defuse” and how to remain, overall, safe, is a must-have education for all employees in all organizations in today’s world. Participants will be educated on and comfortable with:

  • Clarifying / defining what constitutes workplace violence.
  • Understanding the overall scope and impact of violence in business today.
  • Recognizing employer responsibilities relative to a “safe” work environment—regulations and company policy.
  • Discussing examples of/learning to identify “warning signs” of (potential) violent or threatening behaviors.
  • Recognizing the stages or phases of violent behavior and what can be done to prevent or diffuse it.
  • Discussing general security measures that contribute to employee safety.
  • Understanding the important elements of Intervention and what to do before violence erupts / when face-to-face with violence including an armed aggressor.
  • Discussing what can and should be done to assist victims of violence.