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Leadership Professional Certificate Course

Leaders—either well-established or “up and coming”—need tried and true approaches for today’s challenging competitive environment. They want and need practical application for use in a real-world, real-time setting. They want answers to the basic questions that plague us all. This Certificate Course is a comprehensive educational program focused on the development, enhancement and retention of critical skills necessary to be an effective Leader. This 5-day course blends brief theoretical views with a concentration on practical / applied material, relevant exercises and useful hands-on learning experience to enhance current and future Leader skills. NCSA’s most senior faculty members ensure that participants depart with a renewed sense of energy, influence and optimism in their critical leadership roles. The key focus areas of this course include:

  • An Introduction to Leadership—What it is, how it is learned, the integral connection between leadership, risk and change.
  • Planning—Establishing future purpose for the organization .
  • Drivers of Human Behavior—what causes people to behave the way they do.
  • Leadership Theory and Practice—what the academics, social scientists, and industrial psychologists tell us about leadership and how to practically apply this information.
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making—effectively dealing with the breakdowns and day-to-day challenges of leadership.
  • Communicating and Resolving Differences—how to effectively share information and remove the barriers to proactive communication.
  • Authentic Situational Leadership—film-based true leadership portrayal.
  • Contemporary Leadership Issues—faced by all Leaders—at all levels.